You, the leader

Who is a leader? A leader is somebody who leads something or someone else, for a purpose for example: the principal of a school is a leader, a leader is responsible for people, and he or she tells what to do and guides them. What is leadership? Leadership is a skill that helps to inculcate … Read more

How I Retrieved my N45,000 From Facebook.

It all started last week Thursday when I got a job to help run an Advert for a client. After a long discussion, we came to an agreement and so by Friday evening I got a credit alert.   That was the Genesis of the problem!   Don’t panic, finish reading first. I have heard … Read more

Can’t Marry A Poet Challenge 

It seems trivial to think her so elegant and refine, With her wordplay and grand intellect, You would think she’s Maya Angelou. But, when you see one, run Run like the wind. I can’t marry a poet For when we lock eyes and I see her beauty ravishing my soul, She’s thinking of the next … Read more


Marriage is a beautiful thing when you’re with a loving and caring but most especially an understanding man, I had a great wedding ceremony with just 500 guests, my wedding was one of the best in my society when I had it and I feel so blessed to marry the man of my dreams. The … Read more

Casted online Tv series

Casted Tv is an online Tv series that brings to you so many sides of life and help bring the fact about everything, we talk about Exposition, Education, Review on morals, Decadence, celebrity gist, Fashion, and lifestyles, we are not limited to this. Do you have anything you’ll like us to talk about send us … Read more
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