Marriage is a beautiful thing when you’re with a loving and caring but most especially an understanding man, I had a great wedding ceremony with just 500 guests, my wedding was one of the best in my society when I had it and I feel so blessed to marry the man of my dreams. The … Read more

Casted online Tv series

Casted Tv is an online Tv series that brings to you so many sides of life and help bring the fact about everything, we talk about Exposition, Education, Review on morals, Decadence, celebrity gist, Fashion, and lifestyles, we are not limited to this. Do you have anything you’ll like us to talk about send us … Read more

Family Series

Today I will start by introducing to you what Family is, which I believe is the foundation of it all, when you want to build a house you start with the foundation, if not it collapse, so I say that to say it is important that we know the meaning of family and the importance … Read more
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