Family Series

Today I will start by introducing to you what Family is, which I believe is the foundation of it all, when you want to build a house you start with the foundation, if not it collapse, so I say that to say it is important that we know the meaning of family and the importance before we dig deep into our discussion.


At some points in our life, we’ve got to answer this question either accidentally or intentionally, and there have been so many answers to this question, can I tell you that family is different from friendship,  Neighbour, coworker e.t.c 

 What exactly then is FAMILY?

Hmmmmmmm, even me I’m still thinking but hold on one second, let’s talk…..

A family is a “group” of people (mind the group)affiliated by specific relationship, the family basically is the most fundamental unit of social organization, family Dominates, Guess what, family influences your personal, emotional, intellectual and social development, so if you need to know who you are, it really all in the family, check well.

Family shares a very personal level of relationship, it is where you can be YOU.

  A lot of us are something else outside, Let me make that clearer to you, when we go for parties, naturally, I mean on a normal day you eat Amala or any other morsel with your hand but because you are in a supposed “public place” you want to mingle out of your Domain you request for cutlery . What does that communicate to you?

This means at default you understand that this isn’t family where I can do “anyhow”, you’re careful of your identity, reputation and the rest, But you know what, Family Gives you a sense of freedom, security, it makes you feel comfortable. Even if it is Garri you have to do, you take it without a doubt and carelessly. Why do you think Men come back from work and feel relieved when they enter their “home”. It’s because they are back to their source, the family is our rest, You can’t help but enjoy your space in your family because family is a place of joy and rest. 

  A family is a place where you can make mistakes, in fact, as a man you can cry( you know we’re told that men don’t cry outside yeah but they cry when with family especially wife or mother).


Note this: 



To be continued

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