How I Retrieved my N45,000 From Facebook.

It all started last week Thursday when I got a job to help run an Advert for a client. After a long discussion, we came to an agreement and so by Friday evening I got a credit alert.


That was the Genesis of the problem!


Don’t panic, finish reading first.

I have heard that credit alert brings about joy and can even heal someone who is sick. But this time reverse was the case.

Something happened that got me thinking of refunding the money back to the client, but I retrieved it!

Follow me slowly.

The agreement was the ad will be up by Sunday but Mark Sugarbag said NO! They sat on my matter but something happened!

We are getting there but here is the main problem!

If you are into Facebook Ads or have an idea, you will agree with me that Facebook is against Health and Sex-related Products/Services.


The product I was supposed to promote is called SuperLife Total Cure (STC30) . It helps to deal with Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension, and other Deadly Diseases.

It also helps to rejuvenate and repair dead and damaged cells.

Sundays are always my busy days so I didn’t get to run the Ad that day. I ran the ad on Monday and it was disapproved twice.

You are getting bored right, forgive me, you are almost there.

But first, find out why my ad was disapproved. What could be the problem?? You know what?

I have promoted this particular Product and it was approved under 10mins! But why this now?

The answer is here…

“Maybe Mondays are not good for running Ads,” I thought to myself. (I usually run my Ads my Ad on Thursday and Friday). But that was a lie!

I tweaked the Ad Copy, wrote numerous new ones but all to no avail. I and Mark Sugarbag were in a serious war!

Should I refund this madam her money? 45k! The other side of me that likes money echoed a LOUD No!

By 10:00 am on Tuesday, I had run over 3 Ads and all got disapproved. That was when I understood the meaning of frustration. (I forgot I had a GF that day, I didn’t call her throughout the day.)

One thing that surprised me was, my ad account was not banned! I won’t talk about this today. But if you ever saw Grace at work, well that was Grace!

I know a friend who was trying to sell oil for “Big CASSAVA” and his ad account got banned Instantly. I felt his pain then.

“Sunny you can gist o” Don’t be angry.


That faithful Tuesday evening my ad got approved! You need to see me leap for Joy in the sitting room. How did I do it?

I took the bull by the horn and wrote to Facebook Ads Team. I made it clear that my ad was not promoting Adult or Sex-related Products.

And boom! It was approved.

I left the ad till the following Wednesday morning to see how effective it will be, but an unfortunate thing happened. The Ad was not converting for over 12hours.

I didn’t eat bitter leaf soup but I was bitter!

I took my PC, ran 3 different ads with the objective as follows, Conversion, Message, and Traffic. This time on a different ad account.

All were disapproved again!

I made up my mind that even it means losing my business ad account, I will write to Facebook Ads Team again.

I messaged them and requested for a second review on all the three Ads and gave them reasons and benefits of the product so it can be approved.

I checked on it once to see if it was approved and left that way. Not until when I closed from the Mid-week Prayer meeting and on my way home, I decided to see how far with my ads.

Lo and behold

All were approved! They were active and converting. I was in a state of euphoria at that moment. I waited for 2 hours to see which one was more productive.

The Traffic objective Ad was giving me great results, so I disabled the Conversion and Message Ad.

It ended in Praise but here is the lesson therein.

My Final Words.

Facebook Ads requires Patience. I repeat it requires Patience!


In these three days journey, I discovered something about Copywriting, the word “You” is more effective on a sales page than on your Ad Copy.


In crafting your Ad Copy don’t focus on your Audience, do that in your targeting. Focus more on your product benefits and write it in a way it will relate to your Audience.


Finally, don’t be afraid to take challenges. If what you’re doing is RIGHT and you are sure, go ahead and prove it to the world that you are RIGHT.


I showed Facebook Ads Team and my Ads were approved.


“That thing wey you dey fear, dey fear you.


To your continued success,


Sunny Melar Fileme.


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