Marriage is a beautiful thing when you’re with a loving and caring but most especially an understanding man, I had a great wedding ceremony with just 500 guests, my wedding was one of the best in my society when I had it and I feel so blessed to marry the man of my dreams.

The first month of our marriage was not so smooth as we were trying to understand how to with each other, we never lived together except when I go for a visit while courting but we were able to adapt on time and the second month was so sweet now we relate better with each other.

One year after my wedding I became pregnant, it was a different ball game as everything about me changed, I began to change in stature, I was a slim lady before marriage but after I conceived I became very big(not so big), it felt like my taste bud was bad everything I ate tasted amiss, to the food I cook myself, I started throwing up severally, falling ill all the time, the most irritating part of it was having to visit the hospital monthly and weekly for scans and check-up (oh my I hate hospital smell but I did not have a choice) I consistently visited my doctor, went for checkups, took several pills and ate specific food types to keep my infant healthy.

After six months of pregnancy the tides became even worse, it was like I was thrown to another world entirely, at this point my Tommy had become so protruded and now obvious that I was going to have a baby, I couldn’t sleep the way I wanted, I had to sleep in a particular position, sometimes I would try so many ways before I can finally get my perfect position to sleep, it wasn’t a fun experience but I enjoyed it, especially the moment my infant kicks, that moment cracks me up especially when my husband is around me at the time and we just begin to laugh.

During the eight-month I began to buy my baby stuff, I already prepared my baby’s room, arranged his wardrobe, designed it in a very beautiful way that when anyone saw my baby’s room they desired pregnancy, I also decorated it with different colors of light, I asked a painter to help paint my baby’s room with different designs including musical designs because I love music so much, I did a baby shower with my friends it was so interesting I had a whole lot of fun and couldn’t wait for my infant to arrive.

All these while, my husband was a darling and always assisted especially during the period I was weak and couldn’t even carry myself he helped me with every other thing except carrying the baby in his stomach.

Nine-month had passed I became so worried, I didn’t know what to do, my due date had gone past 6days but this infant was still in my stomach. On the 7th day after my due date, I parked all my hospital requirement for delivery and went to the hospital myself and met my doctor and told him I want to take in now I am ready, my doctor laughed hysterically and told me to chill when it is time I wouldn’t be the one to tell him, the baby will, so I should just go back home and rest, I felt so disappointed, I thought I was going to see my baby. I left the hospital reluctantly hoping the doctor will call me back to say he was just joking, but he didn’t, I had to go back to him again after stepping out to ask him if he was calling me or he was serious and he smiled and told me with a gentle voice, “Madam just go home in due time you’ll give birth”.

I left his office and went home, got home and stood in front of the big mirror in my room and started talking to my infant again and asked when it was coming.

On the 10th day after my due date at exactly 10 am in the morning after eating fried rice and chicken with Hollandia yogurt, the whole of my system changed again, I really couldn’t explain how I felt, I called my husband who happened to be in the sitting room listening to news, he came to me and asked what was wrong, but at that point, I couldn’t even move my body as I was now very heavy, my stomach began to sing different songs, I didn’t understand its rhythm, then I felt like I was going to use the loo but my husband said no let us go to the hospital, I told him it’s not the baby but what I ate, maybe I ate too much, after 25 mins of pain I was relieved a little, I sat down again and started gisting with my husband.

All of a sudden I felt that pain again and this time it doubled the first pain, this time I knew the baby was coming, thank God my hospital wasn’t too far from my house I would have given birth to my baby on the road. By the time I got to the hospital, I was taken to the wardroom where I would give birth, after some time I saw that the doctor that smiles with me on a regular basis but on this occasion he wasn’t smiling, he wore a serious and frowning look on his face and kept screaming PUSH madam PUSH,  I had to use all of my strength, might and power to push and then there came my handsome son crying and disturbing the whole peace of the hospital, that moment was one of the best experience in my life, having to see my own child, and of course my doctor came back to me to congratulate me with a big smile on his face.

Getting back home with a new baby was a different ball game entirely now it’s not just me and my husband we now had an addition to us, for a while my mum stayed with me to help out, after 6 months she left and I’m left with just myself, my husband and our little prince. It wasn’t a funny experience at all, there were times that I would have to stab sleep, as a matter of fact not there were times, there were lots of nights I didn’t sleep, I needed to learn how to bath a baby, know when a baby is hungry, know what to give a baby and how to give a baby food. I would wake up very early with my husband to bath for the baby and dress him up before I can do another thing he must be asleep, I washed clothes every day instead of weekend.

My baby began to grow and he became one year old, I thought I was relieved after-all he could walk and talk a little at least tell me he wants water or something, only for me to realize that this is another journey entirely as the way I will take care of him at this stage is different from when he was a baby now he changes clothes like every 30 minutes and that wasn’t a funny thing for me personally.

Fast forward, now he’s 10 years old, oh you’re thinking I am relieved, now they are two; I gave birth to another baby boy that is now 5 years of age, so you imagine how my house looks like when they get back from school and all.

I said all this story to you to say that motherhood isn’t a funny stage after you’re married and you give birth you’re in for it until your kids get married too and leave you even after they are married you’ll still have a place in your heart for your children because by the time you remember what you passed through from pregnancy stage to delivery stage you wouldn’t want to joke with your children at all.


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