She Is Not My Girlfriend

Is she my girlfriend? Girlfriend you say?
This lady fills my empty spaces,
Over centuries, she remains the one constant thing.

Despite time past, she thrills me like the morning dew,
Soothe my soul,
And verifies my sanity.
This lady means more to me than your mind can ever evolve.

No, she’s not my girlfriend
She’s my life force, my essence, my truth,
She’s my light in this wretched world.
The only thing that makes sense in all the universe.

She is not my girlfriend
She stands at 5’5″ and still in my heart.
Eons will pass, civilization will crumble before anything can snatch me from her.
Even in the afterlife, she will be mine.

She is definitely not my girlfriend.

© Colonel Charisma… 25.09.2020

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