You, the leader

Who is a leader?

A leader is somebody who leads something or someone else, for a purpose for example: the principal of a school is a leader, a leader is responsible for people, and he or she tells what to do and guides them.

What is leadership?

Leadership is a skill that helps to inculcate confidence in a child to help them develop their selves, help each child become well and have full control of their lives. Leadership opens up avenue for growth for a child to be responsible and taking responsibility for their lives and other important things around them and within them.
Nobody is born a leader, leadership is an intentional act, you nurture it, learn necessary skills about leadership, know that is required of you to do and make it become a habit for you on a daily basis.

Qualities of a good leader

Being a leader is an intentional act as aforementioned, for you to be a leader; you need to have the following qualities:

  1. Good communication skills: as a leader you need to know how to talk publicly and privately, starting from your siblings if you have one, know how to say your mind in a decent way not insulting, know when to speak up, know when to keep quiet and let others talk, be very audible when talking to people more than 5, write out your points if you have one, and express it in your best way. Say what you need to say in a short period of time, time is very precious to people.


  1. Confidence: to be a leader there must be a proven confidence in you, because you cannot lead when you are shy or face the crowd, to build your confidence you should learn to talk to yourself in front of the mirror this help to boost your confidence, say positive things to yourself, words of affirmation, I am the best, I can do whatever I set my heart to do, I am confident, I am powerful, this words modifies you, helps you to become better.


  1. Generous: as a leader you need to be generous , give a lot not just material things but wisdom, you should be able to give people your wisdom by helping them out with things, teach them what you know and also learn from the people you lead, be generous in all you do as a leader, any stingy person cannot lead appropriately, it is very important to learn generosity, if you do not have that skill you can also learn it and imbibe the act of being generous within a 21 days plan, why did I say 21 days, I said that because it takes 21 days for anyone to learn and have a new habit do something new daily on being a generous person.


  1. Not bossy: leadership requires you to be very humble, you cannot always be a boss and lead, a great follower will be a great leader, you do not command respect, you earn it , a lot of people demand respect from people but they do not respect them, because you are a leader does not give you a privilege to boss people around or command them to do anything, you should also get Involved in all they do and work as a team, with that you can achieve better and become a better leader, if not the best.



  1. Teachable : to be a good leader you should learn to be a learner, always ready to be corrected and to learn, you should be teachable , interact with your followers, ask questions on what you are doing wrong, allow them tell you what you are doing wrong and make changes, do not just listen to them speak but act. Stay humble, do not brag about your position because, you might be leading today and tomorrow you are a follower and to maintain the leadership position you need to remain humble.

Leadership is a lot of responsibilities, you need to learn new skills to remain a leader, you need to be ahead of people to have valid information to share with them, you need consistently read books and learn new things daily. Leadership isn’t always a position, you do not have to be in a particular position before you are called   leader, leadership is just an act of responsibility, take responsibility of your life and of every other people around you, lead them right. But first be your own leader first, lead yourself right to do the right thing.

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